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Paintball offering different challenges. The "Wood Field" involving water within the tract, and the "Town Field".


Paintball offering different challenges. The "Wood Field" involving water within the tract, and the "Town Field" a lot of suitable for quick action packed games for little groups simulating urban warfare.

Paintball is turning into more and more popular with guests who need that adrenaline rush while not the risk of great injury that different extreme sports will bring. it's set in a controlled atmosphere, not requiring any specialist training and giving the same opportunities for men and ladies. Since it encourages social interaction between all ages, paintballing is a good way to promote equality and team building, or simply to go out and have fun with the family!

The paintballing facility can provide all the specified equipment, as well as the "guns", ammunition and all protecting clothing and head/eye gear. The paint is non–toxic, water soluble, edible paint. a safety informing and explanation on the workings of all instrumentality is given before games commencing.

There are many variations to the game, but the foremost normally played is "Capture the Flag" involving teams exploitation problem–solving skills to capture the opponents flag and come it to their own base while not getting "tagged", that is a direct hit by a paintball, anyplace on the body, inflicting that team player to be out of the game.

Paintball within the woods and in ‘town’. All instrumentation, protective gear and clothing area unit provided.

Open: Daily 09:00 – 18:00

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